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Working groups and projects

Project "The Global Egyptian Museum"

The Global Egyptian Museum is a project under the aegis of CIPEG.  Currently 17 museums in 12 countries are represented.  The goal is to create a virtual museum of all Egyptian objects.  Presently 14,975 objects are fully accessible and are searchable. 

CIPEG has three working groups. If you would like to be involved with the work of any group, please contact the Secretary in the first instance.

Working Group “CIPEG Archive”

  • Ossama Abdel Wareth
  • Regine Schulz
  • Rolf Gundlach
  • Rita Freed

Working Group “Digital Publications”

  • Emily Teeter
  • Christian Loeben
  • Dag Bergman

Working Group “Webpage”

  • Claire Derriks
  • Gabriele Pieke
  • Diane Bergman
  • Contact: CIPEG@f2s.com