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Collections and Institutions

King Meneptah Column arrives at Grand Egyptian Museum (March 2018)

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago Acquisition Policy (2017)

Egyptological Museum Search

Transformation at the Bolton Museum (UK) (July 2016)

Egyptian antiquities experts to restore King Menkawre statue

Allard Pierson Museum -- Missing items from Petrie excavation distributions (April 2015)

Museo Egizio di Torino (Italy) Installation in 96 seconds

Museo Egizio di Torino (Italy) reopening (April 2015)

Redisplaying Antiquities (March 2015)

World Museum in Liverpool (UK)

will extend their Egyptian gallery

Harvard Semitic Museum, Cambridge, MA (USA)

refurbished (December 2014)

A statement from one of our members Dr. Alice Stevenson

Harvard Art Museum reopening on 16 November 2014