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Editorial Boards

If you would like to get involved with the work of any of the Editorial Boards, please contact the Secretary in the first instance.

CIPEG e-News Editorial Board:

  • Tine Bagh
  • Aidan Dodson
  • Tom Hardwick
  • Daniela Picchi

CIPEG Journal Editorial Board:

  • Caroline M. Rocheleau, Managing Editor
  • Ashley Arico
  • Denise M. Doxey
  • Dina Faltings
  • Mohamed Gamal Rashed
  • Anna Garnett
  • Tom Hardwick
  • Melanie Pitkin
  • Campbell Price
  • Aminata Sackho-Autissier
  • Keiko Tazawa


CIPEG Webpage

The CIPEG webpage is maintained and currently being redeveloped by Susanne Woodhouse.