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CIPEG Board Elections 2022: Call for Candidates

The Board of CIPEG, the governing body of our International Committee, is formed of nine elected board members, including one Chairperson, one Secretary, one Treasurer. 

Members of the board serve three year terms. Elections are held in the same year as the ICOM Triennial Conference – and both events are coming up this year! 

Any voting member of ICOM CIPEG is eligible to stand for any of the positions; all members have the right to vote. The 2022 elections will be held through a secret and independent online ballot, thereby giving every member the opportunity to vote.

Details for applying can be found in our Call for Candidates for the CIPEG Board 2022-2025 . Deadline for submitting your candidature is 1 October 2022.




CIPEG Statements & Resolutions 2015

ICOM Resolution on Protection of Cultural Heritage


Upcoming Meetings and conferences

CIPEG Annual Meeting 2022: "The Power of Museums" & Third Young CIPEG Meeting

20-28 August 2022, Prague, in-person and virtual

CIPEG Annual Meeting, including the Third CIPEG Young Meeting, takes place 22-28 August as part of the 26th ICOM General Conference Prague, Czech Republic.

Please consult the Final Programme for the packed schedule of events at our Annual Meeting. 

On 27th August the 3rd Young CIPEG Meeting explores "Egyptian Collections in the Context of World Cultures Museums" and you can consult the Final Programme for further details.


New CIPEG online programme: Museum Matters 2022

"Egyptian and Sudanese Collections in Latin America and the Caribbean"

23 April 2022, 16:00-17:30 CEST

Registration required; max 300 participants

Please contact Lara Weiss: l.weiss(AT)rmo.nl

Programme (ENGLISH)

Programme (PORTUGUESE)

Programme (SPANISH)


Past Venues

5-7 November 2021, 14:00-16:00 CEST, virtual meeting via Zoom

CIPEG Online Annual Meeting 2021: "Egypt, Sudan and Beyond" & Second Young CIPEG Meeting

Final Programme of the Annal Meeting 2021 & Second Young CIPEG Meeting


13-15 November 2020, virtual meeting via Zoom

CIPEG Annual Meeting 2020: "Museums in the time of COVID-19" & First Young CIPEG Meeting

Call for papers

First Young CIPEG Meeting 2020 

This year we introduce the inaugural Young CIPEG meeting as an opportunity to bring together aspiring young museum professionals from around the world, with established ones in the field. It will provide a forum for the discussion of museology matters, and an opportunity for young people to voice their opinions and seek career guidance.

For more information about the CIPEG Annual Meeting 2020 and the First Young CIPEG meeting see the Programme.

Registration is FREE for both events 


 1-10 September 2019

CIPEG Annual Meeting as part of the 25th ICOM General Conference Kyoto, Japan


4-7 September 2018

CIPEG Annual Meeting, Swansea, Wales (UK)

5-8 September 2017

CIPEG Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois (USA), 6-8 September 2017

  • Programme
  • Abstracts of Papers
  • Transportation from Chicago Airport
  • Second call for papers (deadline 3 July)
  • Optional excursion to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Optional excursion to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.5 hours by bus) to see the exhibit “Crossroads of Civilization” featuring their Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Classical collections presented with innovative interactive displays. Exhibit curator Carter Lupton will discuss the installation. Afterward, we will have a no-host lunch in the public market or another restaurant in the Historic Third Ward. Our last stop is the Milwaukee Art Museum (founded 1888) with its fine collections housed in the Santiago Calatrava Quadracci Pavilion and the original Eero Saarinen building. Transfers by private bus.  Price for the excursion to be announced.

3-12 July 2016

CIPEG Annual Meeting and post-conference workshop as part of the 24th ICOM General Conference Milan, Italy
Milan, 3–9 July 2016
Bologna, 10-12 July 2016

1-4 September 2015

CIPEG 2015 Proceedings and Presentations

26 - 29 August 2014

10 – 17 August 2013

25 - 28 September 2012

CIPEG 2012 Annual Conference Report, Brussels

Proceedings and Presentations

Practical information

16-20 September 2011

  • Changsha, Hunan Province (China)
  • First International Symposium for Ancient Cadaver Protection and Research
  • Minutes

1-4 September 2011

7-12 November 2010

19-23 August 2010

19-23 August 2010 Abstracts and Presentations

28-30 April 2009

  • “Museum and Research”
  • Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta, Georgia, USA